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Welcome to the International Windsprite Club

(formerly the International Longhaired Whippet Club)

Windsprites (formerly known as Longhaired Whippets) are a delightful, small, coated sighthound. Although closely related, they are a totally separate breed from the more widely known smooth coated Whippets.  

The International Windsprite Club is the international parent club and registry for Windsprites. We are dedicated to promoting these enchanting hounds and their incredible versatility. Our club wishes to unite all those interested in participating in performance events, breeding, showing, or simply enjoying or learning more about this extraordinary breed.

Windsprites are incredibly versatile and enjoy everything from playing ball to lure coursing, agility to tracking, obedience to hiking, nosework to freestyle dance. . . or simply sleeping late, taking leisurely walks, or lounging around. 

Easy to live with, Windsprites are low maintenance, very affectionate, intelligent, athletic, easy-going, easy to train, and have a wonderful sense of fun  . . . the perfect family dog. 

We invite everyone who is interested to follow us on Facebook, and/or join the "IWC Friends" Facebook Group to join in conversations about Windsprites, ask questions, share information and accomplishments, look at photos, receive the most up-to-date notices of local events where Windsprites will be in attendance, etc. The group is open to anyone, and you don't have to own a Windsprite to join.

And we also invite you to join the International Windsprite Club. For more information on club membership, click on 'Club' on the main menu. Membership is available to any Windsprite fancier, ownership of a Windsprite is NOT required.


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Windsprite Chronicles - Memories, Narratives & Visions

International Windsprite Club, Inc. Publications, No. 1

The idea of the first book of the International Windsprite Club, Inc. (IWC) was born in July 2019. One year later Silke Kuske (IWC member) and Donna DeVoist (IWC president) are able to share the experiences of Windsprite breeders and friends from the perspective of those who had accompanied the development of the breed and those who will be possibly Windsprite breeders in the future. By conducting interviews, they gathered their experiences and thoughts together in this book. Windsprite Chronicles gives insights into how Windsprite breeders and friends see the past, present, and future of the breed. It provides a comprehensive view of their experiences, values, and thoughts. This book gives an insight in the Windsprite’s history, its present, and future from the personal perspective of selected members of the International Windsprite Club that breed and/or love these wonderful Windsprites in the United States. Their views are enriched by photos and historical documents.


Nine interviews were conducted to gain an insight into the colorful picture of the United States Windsprite world. The book contains the origin of the breed, their behavior, and their beauty. It contains narratives about the IWC, European collaborations, and lessons learned about breeding. A scientific insight, thoughts about breeding, and breeding values invite the reader to discuss the future of the breed. Enjoy reading this wonderful book. It is planned to be the start of an IWC book series. The proceeds will go completely to the International Windsprite Club. We thank Silke Kuske and Donna DeVoist for their engagement to make this book project happen.


International Windsprite Club, Inc.



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