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Blue Mist Goose at Tova



1 May 2019


OFA Cardiac Normal March 2021

OFA Eyes Nromal March 2021

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Contact Sandy Sherman or Jean MacKenzie

New Hampshire





MBISS MBIF GrCH Aurai Treasure Island


7 April 2014


OFA Cardiac Normal October 2020

OFA Eyes Normal October 2020

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Contact Patricia Conklin

New York



CH Blue Mist Nova Super Sport

"Slim Charles"

8 April 2018

MDR1 N/N      CEA N/N

OFA Cardiac (incl Echo) Normal June 2021

OFA Eyes Normal June 2021

21.5"   26.6 lbs

Slim is a funny, sweet, loving boy. He loves to go for runs, hikes, and fishing in the canoe. He is super smart and devoted to his family. He is working on Rally and racing once things start up again.


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Contact Eileen Tran

New York USA


Brikal Bruno


7 October 2018

MDR1  N/N     CEA   N/M

OFA Cardiac Normal March 2021

OFA Eyes Normal February 2021

Click here to view Bruno's pedigree

Contact Lauren Green

Maryland USA


Sidney Hoblit

Pennsylvania USA




Brise Charmante Ballade de Belldraughfaeron
"Sir Gandalf"

21 January 2011

53 cm 20.9 inches

Click here to view Sir Gandalf's pedigree

Gandalf is now an official service dog, so he has great health (extensive medical checks) and temperament. He is very intelligent, has much will to please and perseverance. Very attached to his 'mum' and very friendly and playful with other people or dogs.

Contact Carola Van Wetten




Hildidan's California Dreamer


21 November 2011


17.5 inches, 24 lbs

Click here to view Dude's pedigree

Dude is my old soul, and has been since the day he arrived from California. Never leaves my side, loves lure coursing, WagIt, agility, and nose work, but he excels at doing the Pet Expos. He is such a good ambassador for the breed, he greets everyone like they are a long lost friend! He makes me smile every day and loves to do anything Mom is doing, as long as he can be with Mom.


contact Carol Thompson

New Hampshire, USA



Renaissance Sparrow Hawk


21 May 2009


Click here to view Alfie's pedigree



contact Theresa Radwanski

Ontario  Canada



Sonata's Norwegian Wood of Stone House


28 October 2019


OFA Cardiac Normal March 2021

OFA Eyes Normal March 2021

Click here to view Nori's pedigree

contact Polly Hornberger

Pennsylvania USA





CH Stone House Green Flash Labradorite


31 March 2013

MDR1  N/M   CEA  N/M

OFA Cardiac Normal March 2021

OFA Eyes Normal March 2021


Click here to view Flash's pedigree


contact Lauren and Andrew Green

Maryland USA




 MBIF CH Stone House Heart of Gold SJ,SS


19 April 2017


OFA Cardiac Auscult Normal November 2021

OFA Cardiac Echo Normal November 2021

OFA Eyes Normal March 2021

22"    34 lbs

Click here to view Trevor's pedigree

Trevor is bouncy, enthusiastic, playful, and exhuberant. Did I say enthusastic!!! He has multiple BIF awards in straight racing in IWC and AOK9 race meets, and has earned several USDAA Agility titles. He also has been HIT in IWC Rally competition, and has WCRL Rally title. An all around athlete!

contact Sidney Hoblit

Pennsylvania USA




GrCH Stone House Milagro AJ AS CGC


17 October 2010

MDR1  N/M    CEA N/N

OFA Cardiac Auscult Normal November 2021

OFA Eyes Normal March 2021

20.75 inches, 32 lbs

Click here to view Milo's pedigree

Milo is personality plus - fun loving, affectionate, athletic, enthusiastic. He is from performance and companion lines. His mother is a breed and agility champion, ADCH CH Tova's Gotta Dance SACH, SCH-Silver, JCh-Bronze, and his grandfather is the talented and accomplished GrCH Claybrook Dartmoor JCh-Gold, PJCh-Bronze,AG,AS. Milo has multiple USDAA Masters level titles, and also agility titles with CPE. He loves everyone, and is not shy about showing it!


contact Sidney Hoblit

Pennsylvania USA




Tova's Ace of Hearts


16 June 2013

MDR1  N/N   CEA   N/N

OFA Cardiac Normal March 2018

OFA Eyes Normal March 2018

Click here to view Leo's pedigree


Contact Jean MacKenzie

Leo is located in Pennsylvania





Tova's Gooooal of Crystal Spirit


3 May 2019

MDR1  N/N   CEA   N/N

OFA Cardiac (incl Echo) Normal July 2021

OFA Eyes Normal July 2021

Click here to view Cowboy's pedigree

Single Parti Male looking for female. Disposition & looks, sweet, easy , intuitive, athletic, gorgeous neck, small brindle on cheeks. Hobbies: keeping wildlife off the property, puppy raising. Can go anywhere. Loves to cuddle. Prefers older females. Looking for good time only, no long term commitment.


Contact Kim Wilson

New York, USA




CH Tova's Pine Forest in Snow of Ardmoor Farms


19 January 2008

MDR1  N/N   CEA  N/N

Click here to view Ansel's pedigree





contact Rick Jones

Tennessee USA



Tova's Raven's Wing of Sherwood Forest


23 February 2010


OFA Cardiac Normal 2018

OFA Eyes Normal 2018


Click here to view Raven's pedigree


Contact Sue Nichols

New York, USA



Tova's The Rain In Spain of Ardmoor Farms


13 June 2019

MDR1  N/N    CEA  N/N

OFA Cardiac Normal (incl Echo) May 2021

OFA Eyes Normal May 2021

Click here to view Chaco's pedigree

Chaco is an outgoing, friendly boy who loves being active, hiking in the woods or nice long walks. He has a great dispotiion, loves his people and his treats. He is inquisitive and eager to learn new things. We've started agility and obedience and looking forward to eventually competing.

Contact Andrea Cooper

New Hampshire






GrCH Tova's Tiger Stripes of Sitka


5 May 2009


Click here to view Tiger's pedigree

Tiger is a strong, athletic boy with beautiful markings.  He loves to play.  He enjoys agility, lure coursing, and especially chasing his Frisbee, almost never missing a catch!  He’s smart, extremely sweet and loving, and wants to be cuddled as much as possible. 


Contact Alayne Brandt

New Hampshire, USA



CH Wylde Sealgair of Aesir



19 June 2016


OFA Eyes NORMAL August 2020

OFA Cardiac NORMAL(incl Echo) October 2020

21"     37 lbs  

Click here to view Tristan's pedigree

Tristan is a gentleman, well-mannered, friendly, and calm. He enjoys racing, has done well in the IWC Straight races. He has speed, agility, strong follow, and much enthusiasm.  

Tristan has done well in conformation competition, gaining his championship in 7 shows, with 6 conformation scores above 90.  He is intelligent and has attended and done very well in obedience training. Most of all Tristan is sweet, snugly, and playful.

Contact Robin Ivey and Steve Caldwell

New Jersey USA



Wylde Magical Phoenix

"Gus Dash"

20 June 2019


OFA Cardiac Normal May 2021

OFA Eyes Normal May 2021

Click here to view Gus Dash's pedigree

Gus is super sweet and cuddly at home with his dog and human companions alike, curling up against our son when he sleeps. On the field he is competitive, calm, quiet, and laser focused. Running fast is in Gus's blood. Gus is centered, sure of himself and a socially well-adjusted dog. He gets along and loves to play with other dogs and puppies. An interesting detail about Gus is that he's sort of a watch dog. He is exremely attuned to sound and if there is an unusal sound he will get up and give one alert bark. Gus wins my heart with his earnest gaze and the way he locks eyes even from a distance to remind me "I'm with you." And then there's his silky, feathered coat which is such a delight to touch. Gus is a sweet, powerful all around great Windsprite.

Contact Darlene Gold or Donna DeVoist

New York USA



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