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The International Windsprite Club is requesting all Windsprite owners to submit our 'Windsprite Health Survey'  to track genetic and health conditions found in the breed.  We welcome submissions for any Windsprite/Longhaired Whippet, Smooth Windsprite of Longhaired Descent, or Percentage

Windsprite/Longhaired Whippet.

The Health Survey is available as an online fillable form. Click here to access the survey

The survey is lengthy so that we get as complete a picture as possible of the health of our breed. Please be as specific and detailed as possible when describing conditions. We appreciate your time and consideration to provide the most complete information possible. Please fill out this survey for both living and deceased Windsprites.

The information can be updated at any time. There is no charge for submissions.

Thank you!




MDR1 genetic mutation

CLICK HERE for information on MDR1  




Choroidal Hypoplasia

   (aka CEA or Collie Eye Anomaly)





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