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The International Longhaired Whippet Club is maintaining a 'Health Registry' to track genetic and health conditions found in the breed.  We welcome submissions for any Longhaired Whippet, Smooth Whippet of Longhaired Descent, or Percentage Longhaired Whippet. The information can be updated at any time. There is no charge for submissions.

The Health Registry Submission Form is available as a 'Fillable' PDF form. 

     Directions for submission:

  1. CLICK HERE to download form.
  2. Open form with Adobe Acrobat Reader and fill in blank fields
  3. Print out completed form and sign. (Note that with Acrobat Reader you cannot save the 'filled form'). Print out two copies, one for submission and one for your records.
  4. Either mail complete form to:


    Patricia Conklin

    218 Yellow Barn Rd

    Freeville NY 13068


    Print, scan and email electronic version as a pdf to
    with “health dog’s call name your last name” as the subject heading and file name.



MDR1 genetic mutation

CLICK HERE for information on MDR1  




Choroidal Hypoplasia

   (aka CEA or Collie Eye Anomaly)




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