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If you are looking for a Windsprite puppy you will discover that litters can be hard to find. Subscribe to our puppy notification email list and you will be advised about upcoming litters and also told when new litters become available. You will be given the appropriate breeder contact information. Your email address will not be distributed and only litter announcements will be sent to you.
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Several litters are anticipated for 2019
See below for current and upcoming litters, and keep checking back for updates.

Current Litter Information

Contact Information

Litter Born May 1


Tova's Raven's Wing of Sherwood Forest   x   CH Blue Mist Rhine of Tova

                      "Raven"                                               "Kaylee"




          MDR 1 N/N    CEA N/N                         MDR 1 N/N    CEA N/N

     OFA Eyes Normal March 2018          OFA Eyes Normal November 2018

   OFA Cardiac Normal April 2018      OFA Cardiac Normal November 2018



3 females, 2 males










Blue Mist


Valerie Stier


New York


Litter Born 7 June 2019


         Stone House Heart Throb   x     Sonata's Silver Bells of Stone House

                      "Redford"                                            "Sylvie"




              MDR1 N/N    CEA  N/M                       MDR1  N/N    CEA N/N 

OFA Cardiac Normal April 2019                OFA Cardiac Normal April 2019 

      OFA Eyes Normal April 2019                     OFA Eyes Normal April 2019



3 males, 2 females


















Ann Firestone


New Hampshire



Litter born 15 June 2019


Stone House Speed of Light       x       Tova's Riverboat Bijou

                              "Benny"                                          "Bijou"




       MDR 1 N/N    CEA  N/M                           MDR1 N/N   CEA N/N

OFA Cardiac Normal February 2019     OFA Cardiac Normal February 2019

   OFA Eyes Normal February 2019        OFA Eyes Normal February 2019


3 males, 5 females


                                       CLICK HERE FOR PEDIGREE










Claire Hartwell




Litter Born 20 June 2019


GrCH Aurai Treasure Island x CH Wylde About Them Boogie Woogie Blues

                         'Simon'                                              'Wink'




           MDR1  N/N     CEA N/N                          MDR1 N/N     CEA  N/M

   OFA Cardiac Normal October 2018        OFA Cardiac Normal Nov. 2017

      OFA Eyes Normal October 2018             OFA Eyes Normal Nov, 2017


4 males, 4 females












Donna DeVoist


New York











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