International Windsprite Club

Windsprite, Silken Windsprites


8 November 2016


The Board of Directors of the ILWC recommends to the membership of the ILWC that the name of the breed be changed [from Longhaired Whippet] to "Windsprite" as of January 1, 2017.


Results of ballot
Eligible votes = 129
Total ballots cast = 90
FOR = 65 (72%)
AGAINST = 25 (28%)
Count conducted and verified by Deanna France
Independent Auditor



20 March 2016

The International Longhaired Whippet Club has partnered with Paw Print Genetics to promote genetic testing among our members. A discount code will allow 20% off any order including disease, coat color and trait tests and 25% off two or more tests in your dog. To maximize your discounts, group your order based on the same number of tests per dog. For example, order all dogs together for which you want two or more tests to get 25% off and group those dogs with only one test per dog together in a separate order to get the 20% off. The discount is valid through December 31, 2016 and cannot be applied to a previous order, cannot be combined with other discounts and cannot be used on DNA Parentage or Profiling. Please contact the laboratory if you have questions at or 509-483-5950. To order, call the laboratory or go to .


Please note that this discount is only for ILWC members! The code for the discount may be found in the files section of the ILWC Members Yahoo group, or members may contact Sidney Hoblit for the discount code.

2016 ILWC Capital Districty Specialty, Altamont NY, Oct 22-23, 2016

I want to thank everyone who "blew in" to the show in Altamont! It was great seeing old friends and meeting several new ones! Despite the wind, rain and cold, a postitive attitude was cheerfully maintained by everyone!I especially want to thank Chelsea James, our wonderful conformation judge, for her patience and quick yet practiced eye, Alayne Brandt and my daughter Claire Conklin for their steadfast service at the judging table, Donna DeVoist for planning and executing a great alternative to the straight racing competition (and also helping out more than a little at the judging table), Ian (Jin) Chan for his hard work as our show photographer, Maureen Bardwell for the fabulous "winners" prizes, and all the newbies who got into the ring with their new puppies!

        ~Patricia Conklin, Show Chairperson




2016 ILWC New York Specialty, Campville NY, July 29‐31, 2016

It was a lovely summer weekend for a show in New York – hot, sunny, rainy, hot – typical Upstate New  York weather. Through it all the dogs showed off their beauty and the handlers showed off their  resistance to changeable weather. You made it all worthwhile.

Congratulations to Best in Show CH Aurai Treasure Island “Simon” owned and shown to perfection by  Claire Conklin. CH Renaissance Mystic Cruise “Cruise” owned by Pam Bennett was Best Veteran in Show,  and Tova’s Jack Went Up the Hill “Jack” owned by Marsha Durbin was Best Puppy in Show. Best in Field  was CH Stone House Skor’d by Bronzite “Skor” owned by Pam Bennett, who also owned the Best  Veteran in Field CH Renaissance Mystic Cruise “Cruise”. High in Trial Rally was CH Aurai Treasure Island  “Simon” handled by Claire Conklin. High in Trial Veteran was CH Tova’s Obi Wan Kanobi “T.Obi” owned  and handled by Gina Babcock. Congratulations again to Simon who won both the Triathlon and  Versatility competitions, and to Cruise who won the Veteran Triathlon and Versatility competitions.  Complete results are linked below.

My thanks go out to all the people who made this show a success: Tricia and Claire Conklin for taking  entries and doing all the paperwork, Linda Centurelli and Tricia Conklin for stewarding the conformation  ring, Norm Wylde for delivery, set up, and cleanup of all the food, my friend Joyce Golden who has  Britany Spaniels for giving up her Saturday morning to scribe the agility event, and Dick Brandt for timing  every run. Thanks to Sidney Hoblit for setting up the rings, helping to score the agility results, and  presenting ribbons. The Sunday cleanup crew of Pam Bennett, Polly Hornberger, Sidney Hoblit, Norm  Wylde, Rachel Waugh, Tricia and Claire Conklin, Jessica and Valerie Stier, and ‐ please forgive me if I’ve  forgotten to mention you.

Thanks to our judges: Pam Sturtz who kept a keen eye on our agility runs, Sandy Call who gave our dogs  a thorough evaluation in conformation, Beth Levy who set a nice Rally course, and Danielle Nuzzo who  gave another thorough evaluation of our dogs entered in Triathlon and Versatility. 

Thanks again to Dick Brandt who was a finish line judge on Sunday’s racing event and to Norm Wylde  who stepped in when Dick had to leave. Thanks to Sue Nichols who was finish line judge for the  complete event. Thanks also to Jessica and Valerie Stier who got the racers organized and roll called, set  the second racing program, and collated the final results while I ran the lure for the individual racers and  puppies. 

We are looking forward to doing it all again next year, so mark your calendars for July 28‐30, 2017 and  we’ll see you there.

~Donna DeVoist, Show Chairperson

(And extra special thanks from all the exhibitors to Donna DeVoist, lure operator extraordinaire! Donna, you made it happen!)









I'd like to thank to all our exhibitors and spectators who came from near and far to make this show a wonderful success, and to everyone who pitched in to help keep things moving along. Special shout outs to our fabulous judges, Maggie Savory-Posselius for agility and Kari McCloskey, our conformation judge. Also to Lure operator extraordinaire, Donna DeVoist, and fantastic show secretary Tricia Conklin! I'd also to especially thank our visitor, Megan Kenny, who graciously worked as timer and/or scribe for *every* agility class. And of course to Rick Jones, for going above and beyond in feeding us all extremely well (as always!). We are very appreciative of Judith Shoemaker, DVM, for the use of the lovely site for the conformation show and opening her house and her kitchen for our exhibitor dinner, and to Becky and Will Anderson for providing us the ideal, beautifully manicured agility field. And lastly, I want to thank whoever was responsible for convincing the rain to hold off until well after we finished the races on Sunday!

Putting on a show like this is truly a ‘team’ event, and I especially want to thank each and every one who came out and supported our show…all the exhibitors who pitched in to help where needed and made the show possible, and the spectators who came out to enjoy and support our event. Many of our ‘regulars’ were at the show, but also lots of ‘newbies’…it is great to see so many new faces and make new friends!

I hope everyone had a good time, and look forward to seeing you all at our future events!

Click here for CONFORMATION results.

Click here for AGILITY results.

Click here for RACING results.

Click here for TRIATHLON results.



The Central New York contingent of Longhaired Whippets (plus one from Boston) made an impressive showing at the Finger Lakes Kennel Club AKC B Match on Saturday, March 5, 2016 at Paws For Thought Farm in Groton NY. Even though LHWs are not an AKC approved breed, the FLKC issued a special invitation, approved by the AKC, to show our dogs in conformation as a Rare Breed, in all breed Puppy Variety Sweepstakes, in Junior Showmanship, and in Adult Handling.

Judge Brooke Burlingame of Black River, NY was presented with an extraordinary array of Longhaired Whippets. She began the judging with the puppy classes.

Puppy Male 3-6 month -1st place "Jack" Tova's Jack Went Up The Hill (Marsha Durbin, owner/handler)

Puppy Male 6-9 month - 1st place "Wally" Wylde Little Blues Whistler (Ann Marie Silverberg, owner/handler)

Puppy Female 6-9 month - 1st place "Wink" Wylde About Them Boogie Woogie Blues (Donna

     DeVoist, breeder/owner/handler)

BEST PUPPY - "Wink" Wylde About Them Boogie Woogie Blues (Donna DeVoist,


Novice Dog

1st place - "Indi" Windchime's Independence Day (Sue Nichols, owner; Gina Babcock, handler)

Open Dog

1st place - "Simon" Aurai Treasure Island (Claire Conklin, owner/handler)

2nd place - "Newton" Aurai Defying Gravity (Tricia Conklin, owner/handler)

3rd place - "T.Obi" T.Obi Wan of Woods Edge (Gina Babcock, owner/handler)

Novice Bitch

1st place - "Ruby" Aurai Sun Also Rises (Dana & Jeff Wardlaw, owners; Claire Conklin,                            handler)

Open Bitch

1st place - "Moxie" Wylde Best Young Rider (Donna DeVoist, breeder/owner; Ann Marie               Silverberg, handler)

2nd place - "Cleo" Wylde Windswept Island Girl (Donna DeVoist, owner/handler)

3rd place - "Prim" Wylde Polka Dot Jersey (Caleb George-Hinant co-owner/handler)

4th place - "Hannah" Windchime's Havana Brown (Gina Babcock, owner/handler)

Open Junior Handler

1st place - Caleb George-Hinant with "Prim" Wylde Polka Dot Jersey

Novice Junior Handler

1st place - Claire Conklin with "Simon" Aurai Treasure Island

4th place - Mackenzie LaPage with "Latera"  Tova's Latera of the Forest

Wink and Wally participated in the all breed Puppy Variety competition, and Wink took first place in the 6-9 month puppy class against 9 other puppies.

Congratulations to everyone and thank you for participating in the match.

Donna DeVoist

Announcement from ILWC Board

10 December 2015

Dear Club members and friends of Longhaired Whippets/Silken Windsprites,

The board of the ILWC spent the past two months discussing registration regulations that will serve to promote and support the recognition of the breed internationally. The breed is now recognized in national kennel clubs in three countries and efforts are being made to obtain that level of recognition in the USA. The number of LHW/SW worldwide is increasing as the breed gains popularity. In recognition of these events, the ILWC has adopted registration regulations that take effect Jan. 1, 2016. The registration moratorium is lifted as of Jan 1, 2016.

Below please find the new registration regulations. Registration application forms are to be found on the 'Club' page of this website.

Also, the ILWC will subscribe to Annual BioPet Discount Club Membership for 2016 so that ILWC club members in good standing will be eligible to obtain the discounted club rate for BioPet DNA parentage testing ($9.95/dog). We will send out information as soon as the subscription is active.

We remain committed to promoting the health and welfare of our lovely breed.



The following 6 regulations for registering litters of Longhaired Whippet/Silken Windsprite dogs take effect January 1, 2016.

1) Membership in International Longhaired Whippet Club (ILWC): The Breeder must a Member in good standing of the ILWC.

2) ILWC Registration for litters born in countries that do not officially recognize Longhaired Whippet/Silken Windsprite as a breed (at this time all countries except Germany, Slovakia, and Czech Republic):

2.A. ILWC registration is granted if both the sire and dam have ILWC registration numbers and regulations 4 and 5 below are met.

2.B. ILWC Registration for litters whelped with one ILWC registered parent and one non-ILWC registered parent who is Longhaired Whippet/Silken Windsprite (LHW/SW) or Smooth Whippet of Longhaired Whippet Descent (SWLWD) or Whippet. Such litters are eligible to receive ILWC registration numbers if at least one of the following two documented conditions is met for the non-ILWC registered parent:

2.B.1. The non-ILWC registered parent is registered in either the DWZRV (German Sighthound Club), the Slovenska Kynologicka Jednota (Slovakian Sighthound Club), or Českomoravská kynologická unie (Czech Republic Sighthound Club) and other clubs to be added as breed recognition is achieved.

2.B.2. The non-ILWC registered parent has a four-generation pedigree from another club that includes (at most) whippets, SWLWD, and LHWs/SWs; and has CEA and MDR1 genetic test results (not required for Whippets) and DNA parentage verification provided from a certified genetic testing laboratory.

3) DNA profile: A DNA profile, provided from a certified genetic testing laboratory, on the sire, dam and litter to establish identity and parentage must be filed with the ILWC.

4) MDR1 and CEA: These genetic tests, provided from a certified genetic testing laboratory, will be required for all litters when the sire or dam is a carrier or affected (homozygous mutant) for these genetic diseases. If the genetic test results of the sire and dam are on file with the ILWC and the MDR1 or CEA genotypes of all the puppies can be determined unequivocally by parentage, the relevant genetic testing does not need to be performed on the puppies.

5) Individual registration: When the owner of an unregistered LHW/SW, SWLWD, or Percent LHW wants to register the dog, the following must be provided: a four-generation pedigree that includes (at most) whippets, SWLWD, and LHWs/SWs; and provides CEA and MDR1 genetic test results (not required for Whippets) and DNA parentage verification provided from a certified genetic testing laboratory.

6) Application: These regulations apply to litters whelped in all countries except where the breed is officially recognized.


ILWC New England  Specialty Show, October 2015

Click here for Conformation Results

Click here for Agility Results

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Announcement from ILWC Board

31 August 2015

The ILWC Board has voted to institute a moratorium on the ILWC registration of all Longhaired Whippet litters whelped outside North America, beginning on 15 November 2015 and ending on 31 December 2015. By the end of this period, the Board will announce new restrictions and requirements for the ILWC registration of litters whelped outside North America.


ILWC New York Specialty Show, July 24-26, 2015


Thanks to everyone who helped to put on a great ILWC New York specialty July 24-26, 2015: Tricia Lehman Conklin, Emily Conklin, and Claire Conklin, our efficient show secretaries, Linda Centurelli and Sue Nichols our show stewards, Abbie Tamber, the agility judge, Terri Frenia, the conformation judge, Mandy Armitage, the Triathlon conformation judge, Rick Jones, Sue Nichols, and Jessica Stier the finish line judges for racing, Jannette Moura for helping set up rings on Friday and Andrea Milville Cooper for taking down the racing course on Sunday. Special thank you to Rachel Waugh who created the beautiful etched glass prizes. We have a very generous and cooperative group of club members who gave willingly of their time and effort to make sure the show ran smoothly: they built the agility courses, handled dogs in the ring for others, and released and caught dogs for racing. Thank you EVERYONE! We held the show at Campville Commons and enjoyed great upstate New York summer weather - sunny, warm, with only 3 drops of rain (but lots of dark gray clouds) after racing on Sunday. We ate well, too. Pizza on Friday and Italian buffet on Saturday from Donoli's, with enough left over for lunch on Sunday. Congratulations to Blue Mist Rhone of Tova - Best Puppy, CH Renaissance Mystic Cruise - Best Veteran, BIF Veteran, Triathlon Veteran, GrCH Wylde Blue Star of Tova - % BOB, Tova's Tinsel of the Hunt - Smooth BOB, JrCH Wylde Best Young Rider - Longhair BOB and Best in Specialty Show, CH Tova's Kneesa of the Forest - BIF, and CH Aurai Defying Gravity - Triathlon.

CLICK HERE for Conformation Results

CLICK HERE for Agility Results

CLICK HERE for Racing Results

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ILWC MidAtlantic Specialty Show May 23-24, 2015


What a fabulous weekend at our MidAtlantic Specialty in Nottingham PA! The weather couldn’t have been nicer, we had a great turnout and some marvelous competitions. Huge congratulations go out to ‘Wylde Polka Dot Jersey’ (Prim) and owner-handler Caleb George-Hinnant for winning BOB Longhair and the coveted “Best In Show” award! And also to our Best In Field winner ‘BIF CH Aurai Defying Gravity’ (Newton)!

I want to thank our fabulous judges, Diane O’Reilly, who set some fun agility courses, and conformation judge Leila Anchini, who was wonderful about explaining her choices and offering useful tips and advice for our less experienced handlers. Special thanks must also go out to Tricia and Claire Conklin, our amazing Show Secretaries (and T-Shirt and raffle coordinators). Also to Linda Centurelli and Donna DeVoist for keeping our conformation ring running smoothly and results recorded accurately, and again to Donna DeVoist, racing coordinator and lure operator extraordinaire!

Thanks to club members Rachel Waugh, who designed and custom made gorgeous etched glass treat jars for all our major prizes, and Marsha Smith for donating a stunning custom made ceramic plaque of a running LHW for the BIS winner. Mary and Peter Young went above and beyond in preparing an amazing meal for our Saturday night “Exhibitor and Friends” dinner, then delivering leftovers to the race meet on Sunday. We certainly were well fed all weekend!

And I don’t want to forget to thank everyone who donated items to our magnificent raffle – the big dog bed filled and overflowing with all sorts of prizes and treasures – and to everyone who purchased raffle tickets, providing a nice windfall for our club treasury!

But putting on a show like this is truly a ‘team’ event, and I especially want to thank each and every one who came out and supported our show…all the exhibitors who pitched in to help where needed and made the show possible, and the spectators who came out to enjoy and support our event. Many of our ‘regulars’ were at the show, but also lots of ‘newbies’…it is great to see so many new faces and make new friends!

I hope everyone had a good time, and look forward to seeing you all at our future events!


    ~Sidney Hoblit, show chairperson





Congratulations to all our winners!

Greyhounds in Gettysburg Apr 24-25, 2015

   Our Longhaired Whippets had a big presence at the "Greyhounds In Gettysburg" event again this year, and we all had a great time! There were at least 10 LHWs there on Saturday, and as usual, they all drew plenty of attention and admiration, as well as quite a few conversations and interest. There were some fabulous vendors, most with LHW size or appropriate items, always fun to spend the day shopping and visiting with our Greyhound 'cousins', and seeing some LHW's and their folk that we don't get to visit with nearly often enough!

ILWC New England Specialty Show, October 18-19, 2014

Results are in!

Click here for Conformation Results

Click here for Agility Results

Click here for Racing and Triathlon Results

ILWC MidAtlantic Summer Specialty Show, July 19-20, 2014

Another spectacularly successful specialty show! The weather gods smiled on us, with a nice break for the weekend from the extreme heat, humidty, powerful thunderstorms and power outages that plagued the area the week before and after the show.

We had a pleasant social time Friday night over pizza after finishing setting up. The show started in earnest with the agility competition Saturday morning. Some great runs, and all the dogs had fun. We moved up to lawn at the lovely Fincastle Farm for lunch, followed by a fabulous mini handling seminar given by Nancy Reiter. Her comment were very helpful to our exhibitors, we all picked up some useful tips.

The conformation show was Saturday afternoon, judged by Charlene Stone of AgStone Whippets, who did a terrific job. The Silent Auction held on Saturday raised some funds for the club with the auction of a variety of cool items. And Rick Jones treated us to another totally spectacular dinner for the exhibitors and guests.  We finished off the evening hearing about Dock Diving Whippets from Charlene Stone.

Sunday was racing at Nottingham Park - a perfect location. Lots of trees and shade for parking, beautifully maintained grass for the dogs. All the park rangers were exceptionally nice, and went out of their way to accomodate our group. Lots of great runs, and special thanks to Donna DeVoist, our lure operator extraordinaire!

Some highlights of the weekend included a litter of puppies hanging out at the show both days, they had a wonderful time playing with and entertaining everyone. Even the park rangers got in the ex pen to play with the puppies. (Great socializing to friendly men in uniforms!) We also had quite a few visitors, guests, and spectators, several who came quite a distance (Iowa, Virginia, and New York!). It was so nice introducing them to our breed and our dogs, and making new friends.

Very special thanks must go out once again to our able and efficient show secretary, Tricia Conklin and her assistant Claire Conklin. And to Donna DeVoist, lure operator extraordinaire, and steward for much of the conformation show. And to all our helpers, at all 3 events. Especially to everyone who helped with the racing, including the visitors we pressed into service. Also kudos and thanks to Rick and Donna Jones, who not only brought and prepared incredible homemade meals for us each day, but also organized the Silent Auction, and stayed after the show to help with taking down and cleaning up! Thanks to our judges, Joanne Jones for agility and Charlene Stone for conformation, and to Nancy Reiter, our handling seminar instructor. And to every one who pitched in to help the show run smoothly and efficiently, we couldn't do it without you! But mostly to all our exhibitors and their lovely dogs, who made the show possible. Thank you all!


Sidney Hoblit, Trial Chair

CLICK HERE for Junior Handler Results

CLICK HERE for Conformation Results

CLICK HERE for Agility Results

CLICK HERE for Racing Results

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ILWC New York Spring Specialty Show, May 24-25, 2014


     Thanks to the hard work and dedication of club members, the spring specialty was a huge success. There were over 50 dogs entered in the show. Our conformation judge, Darryl Hurst, gave them all a thorough evaluation and put up lovely dogs. Robin Stawasz designed fun, yet challenging agility standard and jumpers courses. Even the puppies had fun and success in the ring. Robin praised the handlers for keeping things fun in the ring for the dogs. Dr. Sydney Moise from Cornell University College of Veterinary Science conducted heart screenings on our dogs so that the club will have a database of information on the incidence of cardiac murmurs in the breed.

     The pizza party on Friday provided a relaxing opportunity to meet and talk with both old and new friends. The weather cooperated and we had sunny days for outdoor agility and racing. All dogs who wanted to learn to race had the opportunity on Sunday between the racing programs. And those who already knew how to race just flew up the course. It was a beautiful sight to see from atop my perch on the ladder.

     The show wouldn’t have been the success it was without the help of Tricia and Claire Conklin who did the entries and prepared the paperwork for the show, Gina Babcock and Joyce Jaskula who staffed the steward’s table and recorded the conformation information under the supervision of Sue Nichols, Joyce who organized the silent auction (proceeds to the health fund), Theresa George who picked up Saturday lunch and dinner, Rick Jones who cleaned up after the meals and prepared Sunday lunch, Linda Centurelli, Gina Babcock, the LaPage family, and the Stiers who helped set up on Friday, everyone who helped with the racing on Sunday so that we had enough finish line judges, foul judges, and a dedicated starter (thanks Claire), Linda Centurelli and Jean MacKenzie for scribing the agility classes, (sorry – I don’t remember who was the timer), Sue Nichols who kept the heart screenings organized, Mary Cummings for the informative and detailed grooming workshop, and Tara Baxter for the presentation on genetics and canine behavior that even I could understand. We are fortunate to have such a spacious and comfortable venue provided by Janet Frand at Pawsitively Fun Training Center. In addition to the individual thanks, I want everyone to know that your participation and help were essential and valued. It was a community effort to produce this specialty and I thank everyone who was there.  See you next year!

Donna DeVoist, Trial Chair

Click here for Conformation Results

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Click here for Racing Results

Click here for Junior Handler Results

Click here for Triathlon Results

Click here to see show photographs by Jenny Lynn Furtography


The Central New York contingent of Longhaired Whippets made an impressive showing at the Finger Lakes Kennel Club AKC B Match on Sunday, March 2, 2014. Even though LHWs are not an AKC approved breed, the FLKC issued a special invitation, approved by the AKC, to show our dogs in conformation in the Miscellaneous group, in all breed Puppy Variety Sweepstakes, in Junior Showmanship, and in Adult Handling. Several of us also took advantage of the handling seminar offered by Renee Strong before the match began.

Taking part in all the fun were:



Sue Nichols with “T.Obi” Tova's T.Obi Wan of Woodsedge, “Hannah” Windchime's  Havana Brown, and “Indie” Windchime's Independence Day;

Gloria and Mackenzie LaPage with “Latera” Tova's Latera of the Forest;

Donna DeVoist with “Cleo” Wylde Windswept Island Girl and “Moxie” Wylde Best Young Rider;

Caleb George-Hinnant  with “Prim” Wylde Polka Dot Jersey;

Tricia Conklin with “Newton” Aurai Defying Gravity;

Emily Conklin with “Cricket” Tova's Cricket Song of Ardmoor Farms;

Claire Conklin with “Journey” Tova's Don't Stop Believin' of Aurai;

Melissa LoPinto with “Roxy” Tova's First Light of Aurai, “Juliet” Windchime’s Rose by Any Other Name, Finn (whippet) and Reddi (Saluki); and

Linda Centurelli with “Colby” Willowwind's Ebony and Ivory.

Moxie and Prim competed against 6 other dogs in the 6-9 month puppy bitch class in Puppy Variety under Judge Renee Strong. Moxie took first place and went on to compete in the Best Puppy class.

Junior Showmanship was judged by Ray Scott and three of our Junior Handlers placed in their age groups: Caleb and Prim were third place, Claire and Journey were first place, and Melissa and Finn were first place. Makenzie and Latera represented our younger junior handlers.

Judge Ray Scott of Pennellville NY was presented with an extraordinary array of Longhaired Whippets. He began the judging with the puppy classes.


6-9 month dog, Colby took First Place

6-9 month bitch, Moxie took First Place and Prim took Second

Best Puppy went to Moxie.

Novice dog: Newton took First place

Open dog:  Indy took First place and T.Obi took Second

Open bitch: Latera took First place, Cleo took Second, Cricket took Third, Juliet took Fourth, with Journey and Roxy rounding out the class.

Best of Breed was awarded to Latera.

Congratulations to everyone and thank you for participating in the match.


Donna DeVoist

ILWC New England Specialty Show, Oct 5-6, 2013  RESULTS


CLICK HERE for Conformation Results

CLICK HERE for Agility Results

CLICK HERE for Racing/Triathlon Results

FOR SHOW PHOTOS by Blue Amrich Studio

CLICK HERE for Conformation and Agility Pictures

CLICK HERE for Racing Pictures


ILWC Mid-Atlantic Summer Specialty Show, Knoxville MD   August 10-11, 2013 


We had a very busy but very fun ILWC Specialty show in Maryland, and I want to thank everyone who came out in spite of the heat (though it was quite pleasant inside the building!) and distance, and I was thrilled to see several new exhibitors and dogs…our ranks *are* growing.  :-)

I especially want to thank Tricia and Claire Conklin for handling all the entries and  paperwork, and a HUGE thanks to Donna DeVoist for stepping in as show chairperson at the last minute when I had some personal issues that prevented me from dealing with all the details of running a show. Also to Donna, for again bringing the lure equipment, and for being our lure operator extraordinaire. Tricia and Donna spent a lot of time during the show keeping records of results, handing out ribbons, and tabulating all the scores for Triathlon and Versatility competitions. Thank you both!

Thanks to Polly and Lisa, for helping with the menus and preparing some of the excellent food for our exhibitor dinner Saturday night, and to everyone who brought food for the potluck lunch on Saturday. We definitely ate well all weekend!

Thanks to Melissa LoPinto for giving an informal handling seminar before the conformation show for all our inexperienced handlers.

We had a great group of judges…Thanks to Melissa Schnyder, of Center Valley PA, for doing a great job with the conformation show (and making sure the dogs had a fun experience in her ring!) and for generously staying late to evaluate several litters of puppies. Charles Burdick, of  Needham PA, our rally judge, for a fun rally course. Connie Day, our agility judge, for some fun and fast agility courses (several dogs, including a couple of mine, maybe had a little TOO much fun!) And our racing Finish Line Judges Andrew and Barb, who patiently sat in the hot sun for hours during the racing competition.

Bonnie Dalzell, of Hydes MD, gave a very interesting, entertaining, and thought provoking presentation after dinner on Saturday on ‘High Speed Locomotion & Canine Athleticism’ with some awesome demonstrations and slow motion videos.

Ann Hereford, of HereForDogs Photography, took some fabulous pictures throughout the weekend, also spending hours in the heat to photograph our races. Please check out all her show pictures at her website: .

And the BIGGEST THANKS of all to Mary Windolph for inviting us to use her lovely facility. Huge building with great ventilation where we could set up agility, conformation, and rally rings all at the same time, and with plenty of room just outside the building for our races. All in a gorgeous setting with incredible views. We couldn’t have asked for more!

Gosh, the list is going on and on… I apologize for any individuals I have missed. The show could not have happened without all these wonderful people, and all our fantastic exhibitors! I especially want to thank every single person who came to the show. In a small show like this, it is a collaborative effort. Everyone pitched in, helped each other, things ran smoothly, I think we all had a great time.  Thank you all!


Click here for Conformation Results

Click here for Agility Results

Click here for Rally Results

Click here for Racing Results

Click here for Triathlon/Versatility Results

Click here for show photos by Ann Hereford, Here For Dogs Photography

ILWC Specialty Show, Freeville NY   May 25-26, 2013

We had a wonderful weekend of LHW's, competitions, social gatherings, educational name it! In spite of some cold and wet weather leading into the show, we were fortunate to have no rain on actual show days, though it was unseasonably VERY cold and windy. We were also extremely fortunate to be holding the show at Janet Frand's Pawsitively Fun, a fabulous indoor facility in Freeville NY. Many thanks to Janet for her hospitality and generosity! We had a busy schedule, with agility competition Saturday morning, Rally and Conformation shows Saturday afternoon, a fabulous catered dinner followed by a fascinating talk by Tricia Conklin on Epigenetics Saturday night, then a full day of straight racing on Sunday. We had a great turnout, with over 40 dogs entered. There was also another silent auction on Saturday (Thanks to Joyce for organizing!), which raised nearly $300 for the club. HUGE thanks go out to Donna DeVoist and Patricia Conklin, our co-chairpersons, for putting on a tremedous event.

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We hope many of you will also come to our next upcoming specialty Aug 10-11, in Knoxville, MD (near Frederick). Full slate of events there too, in an indoor facility at Periland. Looking forward to it!

October 6-7, 2012  ILWC Specialty Show, Nottingham PA

What a fabulous fall weekend in Nottingham PA! We had 40 Longhaired Whippets entered, in Conformation, Agility, Rally, and Racing. Special thanks go out to our judges Michelle Henninger of Shippensburg PA, Lauren Zizza of Piscataway NJ, and Sharon Wendelgass of Chester Springs PA. Carol Thompson of Auburn NH was our chief Finish Judge for Racing, and Donna DeVoist of Chenango Forks NY was our Racing Scorekeeper. It was especially gratifying to see so many puppies and young dogs attending.

Our traditional Silent Auction had some fabulous items, and we raised almost $200 for the club. Thanks to Sue Nichols for organizing the auction and presenting the prizes.

A super huge thank you goes out to Mary and Peter Young, who prepared an awesome meal and welcomed us all to their home for our Saturday night exhibitor dinner, and a chance for the dogs to burn off some steam and have some fun running and romping together in their dog field before dinner.  And to top it all off, Mary brought us (warm!) leftovers to the racing site for lunch on Sunday.

The forecast for rain on Sunday changed our plans from Lure Coursing to Straight Racing, but fortunately the heavy rain did not materialize, and our racing event went off without a hitch. The dogs all had a blast.

I want to thank every single person who attended, for all your help and support throughout the show. There are too many people who helped in so many ways, to name every person and every task, but know you are all deeply appreciated. YOU all made the show happen! Thank You All!!!







May 19-20, 2012  ILWC Specialty Show   Campville NY

What a lovely weekend in Campville NY! Over 45 Longhaired Whippets attended, it was wonderful to see many new faces and make new friends (people and dogs!) as well as visit with all our old friends and acquaintances. We held an All Breed Puppy, Veterans, and Junior Handler Sweepstakes Saturday morning, followed by our Longhaired Whippet conformation show in the afternoon, and ran Rally throughout the day. We also sponsored an All Breed Match Show which ran concurrently Saturday afternoon. Special thanks go out to our ILWC judges, Rachel McCandlish of Rushville OH, Mary Cummings of Johnson City NY, and Lynn Kaier of Argyle NY, and to our Show Chairperson, Sue Nichols.

A Silent Auction on Saturday had an amazing array of fabulous items, and raised $370 for the club. Congratulations to all the auction winners, and a huge 'Thank You' to auction organizer Joyce Jaskula!

Sunday was Straight Racing - the highlight of the weekend for many of our dogs! Some fabulous competition and adult individual runs, and all the puppies got a chance to chase the lure. What fun to see instinct kick in as they got the idea!  Special thanks to Lynn Kaier and Donna DeVoist, our lure operatiors, and to all the exhibitors, friends, and others who helped with slipping, catching, judging, etc.!



Links to Pictures:

     Emily Conklin photos  (ILWC conformation, All Breed Sweepstakes and Match)

The first few pages are from the match show - pictures from the actual ILWC show start at the bottom of page 3. Enjoy!

     Candid Canine Photography   (Beth Adams)   Race Day photos

     Carol Thompson photos

January 13-15, 2012   Philadelphia Pet Expo, Oaks, PA

The ILWC was pleased to participate in the Philadelphia Pet Expo January 13th-15th, with a booth at the event showcasing our Longhaired Whippets. Our dogs also participated in an agility demo Friday evening, participated in the Parade of Breeds, and put on a demonstration of Nosework and Wag It Games in the main arena on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

The event was a resounding success for us, with tons of interest in our dogs. Our booth was absolutely one of the busiest at the entire event (and it was a BIG event!)



September 19, 2011  ILWC Mid Atlantic Specialty, Nottingham PA

We had a wonderful turnout for our MidAtlantic Specialty over the weekend, and after weeks of rain and more rain, the weather gods were [mostly] favorable to us. We had a total of over 50 dogs entered, including 42 competing in conformation, 25 entries in Agility, 27 in Rally, 15 in the Lure Coursing competition, and an additional 22 who participated in individual lure coursing runs. I am especially proud to report that 16 dogs qualified in the Triathlon competition (conformation + lure coursing + rally OR agility), and 9 qualified in Versatility (must complete all FOUR events!) We truly do have a talented and versatile breed!

Special congratulations go out to Wylde Windswept Island Girl (Cleo) and Donna DeVoist, BEST IN SHOW, and winner of the TRIATHLON. Also to Tova's T.Obi Wan Kenobi (T.Obi)  & Gina Babcock for BEST IN FIELD and winner of the VERSATILITY award, GrCH Tova's Take A Bow (Tony) & Sidney Hoblit for RALLY HIGH IN TRIAL and BEST VETERAN IN FIELD, and GrCh Claybrook Dartmoor (Teddy) and Sidney Hoblit for VETERAN VERSATILITY Award.

And one of the highlights of the show was watching Pam Sleeper run both her dogs in agility while riding a Seqway - how cool is that!! (pictures in Emily's photos, link below)

Special thanks to all our judges (Deirdre Petrie, Mary Cox, Jean MacKenzie, and Karen Lee), our seminar presenter, Dr Judith Shoemaker, and to Joyce Jaskula for another amazing silent auction, this time benefitting club and board member Sue Nichols who suffered devastating losses in the recent floods in NY. Also special thanks to Dr Shoemaker for the use of her lovely Fincastle Farm as our main show site. Thanks to all who came and participated, hope to see you all again next year!

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September 16, 2011 - VOTING RESULTS



from Jean MacKenzie, President, International Longhaired Whippet Club

Thank you everyone for your thoughtful comments and willingness to discuss the name change issue. The name will stay as is, below are the ballot results. 

Do you want to change the breed name of the Longhaired Whippet to a different name?
Yes change the name:         20 (37%)
No, don't change the name: 34 (63%)
abstain:                                   3
total # of votes: 54, plus three abstentions
(1 person did not vote)
The total number of members in ILWC: 61: 58 voting members, 3 minors
July 26, 2011 


To longhairedwhippet friends:

ILWC club members will be asked to vote on an important club matter at the end of August. At that time, members will be asked to vote on whether or not the ILWC should change the name of our breed.

Between now and the end of August, we look forward to much productive discussion on this matter. A Yahoo group for club members only has been set up to discuss this and future club matters.

July 2-3, 2011   ILWC Specialty  Auburn/Bow/New Boston NH

Conformation, Agility, Lure Coursing, Silent Auction

We had 33 entries for this 9th annual NH specialty show. The weather was great (not too terribly hot, no rain!) and we all had a fabulous time. Our Silent Auction added over $200 to our Treasury. Many thanks to Joyce Jaskula for organizing the auction, and to all those who contributed such great items!


FOR PHOTOS, Click Here   (Thanks to Jean MacKenzie!)

FOR MORE SHOW PHOTOS (mostly coursing), Click Here  (Thanks to Emily Conklin!)


May 28-29, 2011   ILWC Specialty, Owego NY

Conformation, Rally, Racing

It was a great weekend. The weather was good, the grounds were lovely, the Bring
A Dish to Pass Lunch was fabulous and our first ever Chinese Auction brought
almost $100.00 into our Treasury from lots of great items!!!



User name and password both = may2011




May 21-22, 2011   Silken Windsprite Specialty, GERMANY




(To access the photo album, click on one of the photos)

March 19, 2011   NAKC Shows, Reading PA


8 LHW's and their owners and families turned out for 2 of the NAKC conformation shows in Reading, PA. It was quite a day, and great fun to be competing with other breeds.



September 25-26, 2010   ILWC Mid Atlantic Specialty Show, Nottingham PA

Conformation, Agility, Lure Coursing, Rally Obedience, Seminar

FOR SHOW RESULTS, click here

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July 3-4, 2010  ILWC Specialty Show, Auburn NH


Conformation, Agility, Racing, Silent Auction

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