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The following regulations for registering litters of Windsprites/Longhaired Whippet/Silken Windsprite dogs take effect January 1, 2016.   Updated 10 September 2018.

1) Membership in International Windsprite Club (IWC): The Breeder must a Member in good standing of the IWC.

2) IWC Registration for litters born in countries that do not officially recognize Windsprite/Longhaired Whippet/Silken Windsprite as a breed (at this time all countries except Germany, Slovakia, and Czech Republic):

2.A. IWC registration is granted if both the sire and dam have IWC or ILWC registration numbers and regulations 3, 4 and 5 below are met.

2.B. IWC Registration for litters whelped with one IWC or ILWC registered parent and one non-IWC (or non-ILWC)  registered parent who is Windsprite/Longhaired Whippet/Silken Windsprite (WS/LHW/SW) or Smooth Whippet of Longhaired Whippet Descent (SWLWD) or Whippet. Such litters are eligible to receive IWC registration numbers if at least one of the following two documented conditions is met for the non-IWC/ILWC registered parent:

2.B.1. The non-IWC/ILWC registered parent is registered in either the DWZRV (German Sighthound Club), the Slovenska Kynologicka Jednota (Slovakian Kennel Club), or the ČeskoMoravská Kynologická Unie (Czech Kennel Club) and other clubs to be added as breed recognition is achieved.

2.B.2. The non-IWC/ILWC registered parent has a four-generation pedigree from another club that includes (at most) whippets, SWLWD, and WS/LHWs/SWs; and has CEA and MDR1 genetic test results (not required for Whippets) and DNA parentage verification provided from a certified genetic testing laboratory.

3) DNA profile: A DNA profile, provided from a certified genetic testing laboratory, on the sire, dam and litter to establish identity and parentage must be filed with the IWC.

4) MDR1 and CEA: These genetic tests, provided from a certified genetic testing laboratory, will be required for all litters when the sire or dam is a carrier or affected (homozygous mutant) for these genetic diseases. If the genetic test results of the sire and dam are on file with the IWC and the MDR1 or CEA genotypes of all the puppies can be determined unequivocally by parentage, the relevant genetic testing does not need to be performed on the puppies.

5) An additional requirement must be met for all puppies from a litter with at least one smooth Windsprite parent (any F1 or any smooth backcross). All puppies from such a litter shall be genetically tested for the FGF5 coat length gene at a certified laboratory to accurately determine whether they are heterozygous or homzygous for the recessive longhair allele. Because these backcrosses are vitally important for breeding purposes and the accuracy of our registrations is critical for future KC recognition, the IWC will pay for the FGF5 testing to relieve the breeders who do these backrosses of the additional costs. Breeders wishing to take advangae of the testing paid by the IWC MUST order the test kits through the IWC.

6) Individual registration: When the owner of an unregistered WS/LHW/SW, or SWLWD wants to register the dog, the following must be provided: a four-generation pedigree that includes (at most) whippets, SWLWD, and WSs/LHWs/SWs; and provides CEA and MDR1 genetic test results (not required for Whippets) and DNA parentage verification provided from a certified genetic testing laboratory.

Application: These regulations apply to litters whelped in all countries except where the breed is officially recognized.




Dogs may be registered as:

  • Windsprite (Longhair)
  • Windsprite (Smooth)

~ Note that the assigned registration number will clearly reflect which variety. ~





Litters should initially be registered by 12 weeks of age.

Puppies may be given a complete Registered Name, OR a Temporary Identifier which includes the Kennel Name, plus any other designation that identifies each individual puppy with a unique alias. It can be a call name, color/sex/markings, or a code of the breeders choice.

The owner name, address, phone, and email fields may also be left blank, if the puppy does not yet gave a permanent home. In these cases, the registration certificate can be held by the registrar until informed of the owner and their contact information, at which time the certificate will be sent to the new owner. There is no additional charge for updating dog names or owners before the certificates are sent. If the breeder prefers to receive the registration certificates before final names and/or homes are decided, the certificates will be issued with the dog's temporary name/code, with the breeder as owner. An application for updating the registration information may be submitted whenever that infomration is known, and a new registration certificate will be sent out.

Appropriate documentation of MDR1, CEA, and FGF5 official test results, and other required information must accompany the registration/pedigree application. No applications will be processed until all documentation is complete. Please note that documentation from DNA and MDR1/CEA/FGF5 labs must *clearly* identify each individual. (ie "Puppy 1", "Puppy 2", "Male 1", Male 2", "Female 1" etc are NOT accetable.) Either registered name, puppy name, or *specific* description must be on the laboratory documents, so it is clear which results go with each individual puppy.

We recommend testing parents and all puppies with Embark Veterinary Laboratory, which will show MDR1 & CEA status for each individual, and they will do DNA Parentage verification of the litter at no charge. If the litter is not Embark tested, GenSol DNA Parentage Test kits may be ordered through the IWC for litters in US or Canada. Contact Tricia Conklin to order test kits. Parentage verification for European submissions must be provided by a certified genetic testing laboratory.



All applications are currently available and may be submitted directly online. Necessary documentation may be provided either by forwarding official laboratory result emails or scanned copies of laboratory results to Registrar, or by mailing hard copies.

Payments may be made via PayPal directly on submission form, or a check payable to "IWC" may be mailed.

Confirmation of receipt of applications will be made within 72 hours, and registration and pedigree documents should be ready within 2 weeks of receipt of application and *ALL* necessary documentation.

Mailing address for laboratory reports and/or check payments:


c/o Sidney Hoblit

33 Pine Grove Rd

Nottingham PA 19362 USA

Fees -    

Individual Registration, Certificate, Certified Pedigree  -  $20.00

Individual Registration & Certificate - $12                                                       

Certified Pedigree (if dog is already registered)- $12     

Litter Registration & Certificates  $20 + $5 per puppy

Litter Registration, Certificates, Certified Pedigrees - $20 + $10 per puppy

Duplicate Registration Certificate only - $5.00

Ownership Transfer - $5.00

International please add $5 for postage.

Questions concerning registrations or pedigrees  email:


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